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You are welcome in your home page ...!!


Hello ..!!
I am Waseem Abdul Aziz Aalam .....
born in SAUDI ARABIA in 29/12/1980 AD ...
Now i am studying medicine at Um AL-Qura university in Makkah ..
Living also there with my family ...

A little about me ..
A little about me ..
Hi all ..!
I think that I have to tell you some information about me ( should I ? ) ..?? *_~
ok I'll ...! but ... ok ok I am going to tell you ...
I was born in a city called ALHADA in SAUDI ARABIA .. I lived there for about 10 years.
My father was working there in the SAUDI AIR FORCE. But now I am living in MAKKAH ( the holiest city in the world ).

My mother is headmistress in an elementary school.
I have two brothers. The one older than me named Feras is a dentist & the other one, named Ahmad is studying at. an intermediate school. My father passed away 1990 when I was just 10 years old. I completed my secondary education here in Makkah &  my medical education at Umm Al-Qura Medical School . .. .. & now I am a Doctor  :)     .


Why am i studying medicine ??..?
Since my childhood I had hoped that I would l be a doctor one day ...& I am still hoping to be a doctor. I like it becaue it is a humanitarian job.
You can't imagine how the patient feels when he comes out of a clinic or hospital in good health & how does the doctor feel when he is able to help that patient to be healthy?? ..! ..
Really it is a WONDERFUL feeling.
Therefore, more and more I want to be a doctor .. really a helpful doctor ...!!

Contact Me ..!
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please send an e-mail to waalam@hotmail.com
Also you can contact me online by ICQ my number is


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